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Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

E-RYT 500, RYT 200, LYT 200, NASM

Brendan Plunkett LYT Yoga Method Teacher and Personal Trainer based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and teacher for Yoga classes on Movement Vitamin Online

      After returning home from college to Philadelphia, Brendan pursued his first yoga teaching certification in January of 2015 in Vinyasa yoga. He continued to learn from his teachers in State College, PA and that is how he found the LYT yoga methodology.

      In 2017 Brendan spent a weekend taking workshops with and learning from Lara Heimann, Physical Therapist and Founder of the LYT Yoga Method. His practice would never be the same after working with Lara. Later that year Brendan completed his first LYT yoga teaching certification and has loved sharing it with hundreds of other yoga practitioners.

      Along with yoga, he was inspired to expand his own fitness routines into cardio-respiratory, resistance, and high-intensity interval training. Brendan completed his personal training certification in 2018 with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He since used this knowledge to enhance and improve his yoga practice and teaching as well as his overall physical health. Brendan is passionate about utilizing the techniques he has learned regarding core stabilization, alignment, and adaptability in LYT and applying them to resistance, cardiovascular, and endurance training with his clients.

  Continuing his cycle of learning, Brendan completed the LYT Level 1 certification in 2020 (where he and Katrina met) and has also taken part of the LYT Level 2 100 hour modules--upper and lower extremities and core. 

   Brendan teaches in person classes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and virtually on Movement Vitamin where he offers live, on demand, and private instruction.

    In Brendan's words, "Through personalized training informed by the LYT Yoga ™ Method, you can expect neurologically programmed safer and smarter movement patterns into your body by improving its strength, endurance, flexibility, power, balance, and overall adaptability." 

      In his free time, Brendan loves going for hikes in nature with his wife, Allie and their Dog, Bailey.


MOvement Vitamin


Private insTrUCTION

On Movement Vitamin, besides all of the on demand classes, I teach a bliss class on Sunday Mornings. It's a slower paced class full of instruction, a great addition to your weekend. You can book it here.

I teach LYT Yoga Method Classes in Philadelphia, PA and you can find more about those here.

I also teach private lessons and have private programs and you can check those out here


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