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Want individualized attention? 

 A private session offers you a one of a kind solution to your movement problems

Individualized yoga, mobility techniques and exercises, functional movement, corrective exercises, mindfulness and breathing practices can all be utilized to formulate the exact plan you need to moving and feeling your best. 

Katrina Latimer LYT Yoga Teacher and FRC Mobiltity Specialist demonstrating a core drill next to a private client


"Your body and the activities that you do aren’t one-size fits all and your corrective exercises and personal practice/movements to enhance those things should not be either"

want to try out an individual session?

Work with us one on one to benefit from an assessment, individualized instruction and personalized muscle activation techniques, mobility drills or yoga sequences. It's based on exactly what you need because private lessons are tailored to your specific movement goals.
Whether you are brand new to yoga and mobility or are an experienced mover, individual attention and direction will take your understanding of how you move to the next level.

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let's get started.

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