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The next MV Group will be a 4 week series to Perfect Your Posture


4 Movement Classes that will be live (and recorded to do on your own time if needed)- 



Week 1 Align the Spine (1/21/21 6:30 pm)

Week 2 Pelvis 

Week 3 Hips

Week 4 Shoulders


What to Expect: These classes are physical therapy based yoga classes (mini workshop style). We will move in these applying techniques to help improve our posture. The yoga I teach is grounded in the principles of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental science, combined with the traditional teachings of yoga. It is influenced by biomechanics and intelligent sequencing methodology so you can find freedom through smarter and safer movement patterns. 

What does this all mean? It will help you learn how to move better in general, stand taller and feel more confident in however you move. 


What you’ll Need; Yourself, a Place to Practice, something to move on (a yoga mat or similar), a wall, a block or something similar (a paper towel roll, stack of books), 


FREE for Movement Vitamin Membership Holders 

$27.99 single purchase option

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